ITU-TRNC Education-Research Campuses and Cyprus International University Protocol Produced its First Fruits

As part of academic cooperation protocol between ITU-TRNC Education-Research Campuses and Cyprus International University, academic research and sharing of ideas, interests and views between the two institutions have been started.


In all areas of education and teaching, and to improve the mutual cooperation and understanding, both institution’s academic members completed a reciprocal and collective scientific research. The study analyzed tourism students’ learning styles, English levels and academic success. The article was published under the title “Time Lagged Investigation of the Effects of Surface and Deep Learning Styles on Overall Academic Performance: Testing the Mediating Roles of English Deficiency and English Competency” as a chapter in Researches on Science and Art in 21st Century Turkey. Cyprus International University Director of Tourism and Hotel Management Assoc. Prof. Orhan ULUDAĞ and ITU-TRNC Education-Research Campuses Senior Instructor Turhan ULUDAĞ used a time-lagged method for collecting data and improved the linear additive model of Biggs’ Learning Theory. As a result of the research, it was found that deep learning, when harmonized with English language proficiency, would eventually and inevitably lead to academic achievement. In this context, the authors have emphasized the importance of empiric research, and noted that both universities possess top-tier infrastructure and a lot of resources within their institutions.



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