Summer Courses Have Been Completed

Summer Courses, organized by the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Prime Ministry, Cyprus EVKAF Administration, Youth Department and ITU North Cyprus Continuing Education Center have been completed.


Fifty students selected by school counsellors took courses in foreign languages, computer, effective communication skills, philosophy and speed reading, which started on July 2 and ended on August 31, 2018.


Prime Minister Tufan ERHÜRMAN presented the students who completed their summer courses successfully with participation certificates on September 14, 2018.


Prime Minister ERHÜRMAN delivered a speech during the Certificate Ceremony and said that the project which had been started with an outstanding university such as ITU was exciting. Prime Minister ERHÜRMAN added that fifty students had the opportunity to receive education in a beautiful and modern place during their summer holidays and this made them better equipped for the future.


ERHÜRMAN also thanked to the Ministry Assistant Hatice DÜZGÜN for guiding this project, to ITU North Cyprus Continuing Education Center directors, to Cyprus EVKAF Foundation and its sponsors and finally to the Youth Department for their contributions.


ERHÜRMAN said that: “I just wanted one thing from students at the beginning of the courses. I wanted them to continue their courses without a break. Thus, the students would get benefit from their devoted teachers. I thank to dear students who attended the summer courses. Now it is our duty to continue to these courses during winter. Our country is passing through a difficult period but this should not be an excuse not to prepare our youth for the future. We will do everything we can as long as you are enthusiastic about it. I am sure all the things you have learned here will be helpful for your education. I believe that after these courses you will be more successful at your school life. We will always support you and we will continue our path as a family. I wish all of you success and I thank to everyone who have contributed to this project and especially to students and their families.”


ITU North Cyprus Continuing Education Center Director Mehmet Ülkü KURUKAFA said that they aimed to provide free education for successful children of the walled city of Nicosia during two months to equip them with necessary skills and to provide them with the opportunity to improve themselves. KURUKAFA further said: “The success of the program exceeded our expectations, we are really happy with the results and we thank to Prime Ministry for this project.”


Prime Minister Tufan ERHÜRMAN, Youth Department Director Şifa ÇOLAKOĞLU, Prime Ministry Executive Assistant Mustafa ERGÜVEN, Prime Ministry Assistant Hatice DÜZGÜN, ITU North Cyprus Continuing Education Center Director Mehmet Ülkü KURUKAFA, ITU-TRNC Advisor to the Rector Lecturer Dr. Cemil YURTÖREN, ITU-TRNC Secretary-General Dursun KOÇ, tea



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