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On the 19th January 2008, a Framework Protocol was signed enabling Istanbul Technical University to open Education and Research Campuses in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus...

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As knowledge is the biggest power in today's world, the Head Office of library and Documentation of the university aims to support education and research programs, and fulfil information...

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There is a student activity hall, a fitness center, outdoor basketball and volleyball courts on the Famagusta campus. SKSM organizes and coordinates activities for students with the aim of...

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ITU-TRNC Education and Research Campuses undergraduate programs are chosen among maritime programs by taking geographical position, regional and global requirements into...

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ITU North Cyprus Continuing Education Center aims to convey the concept of “lifelong learning” to people of every age and every occupation, by sharing ever-growing and renewed information...

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It was established to approve, evaluate, support and monitor scientific research projects. The main objectives of scientific research projects unit are: To support scientific research projects which...

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ITU-TRNC Famagusta Campus, located only 600 meters away from Famagusta Harbour, is at the junction of the city borders and the monumental city walls. The Campus hosts some historically and culturally important buildings within its grounds. The Old British Government Building and the Train Maintenance Hangar Building, located in the campus area, will also be restored and used as the Rectorate and Culture & Exhibition Activities Centre and as the Student Centre respectively.

The new buildings, which will be the manifestation of the modern interpretation of the traditional architecture, will form a campus complex that satisfies the basic education and learning necessities of the campus and will have an "Observation Tower" in it.

Yeni Erenköy Campus, which is planned to be a “crazy project”, is on the northeast coastline covering two valleys and two bays. The campus, which is five minutes away from Yeni Erenköy city centre, is mostly forestland.

Digital mapping, geological ground survey studies and urban design projects of the campus area have been completed. With its capacity to hold approximately 6000 students, Yeni Erenköy Campus is planned be the main campus. The campus which will primarily have departments of Maritime, Engineering and Social Sciences, will also have sports facilities, residential parks, nature parks and public spaces. Read more...

Campus Square

The Library

Observation Tower